Are you ready to take your SEO work to the next level?

On-page SEO
With the SeoTools for Excel add-in you get access to functions that are useful for your online marketing.

Off-page SEO
SeoTools also comes in handy when looking at off-page SEO factors. Use CheckBacklink to verify that your backlinks are still available and GooglePageRank to fetch the PageRanks for multiple URLs at ease.

SeoTools comes packed with integrations for your favourite services. Use the Google Analytics integration to build your own automated reports or Majestic to analyse your backlink profile.

If you’re missing something, it’s easy to build your own Connector using our easy-to-use XML format to integrate with any external API or service.

Channel the power of SeoTools Connectors into a page crawler. Simply supply the Spider with a list of URLs or just a root URL – it takes care of the rest.

Other Tools
Excel is an invaluable tool for any online marketer but some features are missing. SeoTools provides you with over 100 helper functions.

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