Easily find all broken links on your website

Broken Link Checker is an online website validator / integrity checker / problem detection tool that will check the pages on your website for any broken / dead links.

The free online checker not only tells you which of your hyperlinks are dead but it will also show to your where exactly those stale references are located in your HTML code.

Why are broken links bad for your website?

Broken hyperlinks on websites are not just annoying ? they may well cause some real damage to your online presence if not they are not fixed.

Because of that a website may:

  • Potentially lose some of your existing user base as your users will sooner or later get frustrated enough to never come back
  • Encounter problems with getting new customers – because of the dead links people are less likely to find you and when they do and they find broken links, they are likely to think the website is no longer maintained.
  • Have negative impact on your websites ratings with major Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc – this issue alone should be enough for you to not have any broken links on your website.

How to check your website for broken links

  • Visit Broken Link Check and enter the URL of your website in the input box, in our case it’s centralcoastwebdesigner.com.au
  • Click on the Find Broken Links button
  • The next screen will ask you to complete the security check by entering the security code, enter the code and click Find broken links now !
  • The search will start and if any broken links are detected they will be listed with details including the URL that is broken along with the URL of the page that contains the broken link and a link to the source code that will show you where exactly on the page the link is.
  • Edit the pages of your website where broken links were found, do a google search if needed to find the correct URL you want to link to
  • When you are done updating the broken links found in your search, do another search to see if the links have been fixed correctly. If results appear again, repeat the above steps, making sure you have the right URL.

You now have a really valuable tool that you can use on a weekly basis to check and fix any broken links found on your website.

Visit Broken Link Check

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